N+ Notes – Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution

By October 31, 2018 November 7th, 2018 Articles

Recently, my rare email subscription, this one was from HBOGo showed me a documentary done by Robert Redford’s son; James Redford.  The description was simple and something positive; “A Look at Americans who are pioneering the use of clean energy to create jobs, turn profits and make Americans’ lives healthier.

This is similar to the N+ mission statement, the one we talk about but have to write down, in short, it’s more like; seriously, let’s DO something.


Checkout these videos on YouTube related to this documentary

Summary of Documentary

A runtime of an hour and 10 min; a great use of time.  James Redford does a good job of following the story, seeking and sharing many different points.

He surrounds the issue from many different perspectives, job creation, economic impacts, environmental and how people process what it means to be green.

Thank you James; looks like it was a lot of travel and no doubt work to tell the story.

I am excited to know that we are on the path, I genuinely feel and see that the momentum is unstoppable and picking up speed.

Let’s keep going – Dave


Here is my play by play of the documentary; hope you can watch it.

Matthew Nordan – Energy Startup Investor

He talks about ‘energy paralysis’, “it’s very hard to get excited and do something meaningful about something you can’t see”

James follows the power from his wall socket to the generation point; pretty cool, rough cut makes it authentic.  Kudo’s James.

He talks to his dad and his wife along the way. FaceTimes with his daughter. Awesome.

After a decline from his daughter, James and his friend Eric Lyons go off to vist Dave Ramm, from BrightSource Energy at the largest solar thermal commercial facility in Nipton, CA.

Great discussion between James, Eric and Dave.  Great Job; no corporate BS; just some bro talk.

Next, James visits the Navy in San Diego, spoke with Ray Mabus; the US Secretary of the Navy.

The department of defense is the largest single user of fossil fuels in the world.

“By no later than 2020, half of all our energy, afloat and ashore will come from non fossil fuel sources.”  DAAAAMMM.

James is off to Georgetown Texas next. 100% green; the second city in the country.  Candid talk; F word too.

A republican talking about spending money and renewable energy; uh..what?

Going back to SF; a little tech meetup to pitch solar ideas.

Talks to Emily Kirsch from Powerhouse; “solar industry is creating more jobs than Google, Facebook, Apple & Twitter”

Then off to Buffalo; touring the Gigafactory 2 – WOW.

James talking with people downtown about PUSH in Buffalo – AWESOME.

James talks to Niagara falls tour guide, Jim Egan.

“You can power up to 7 states and 2 provinces” – WOW

Off to Central Oregon to talk with Gia Schneider.  a Micro Dam?

“The design objective is to come in, put some power capture, but do so in a way that doesn’t disturb the landscape”

Owned by Apple? Every Apple facility, every store, office building is 100% powered by renewable powered.  Around the world; 87% powered.

Talking about a building in NC; didn’t have enough power from renewable, so Apple built their own.  Of course they did.

James decides to put panels on his roof and films the people and the process.

He starts to look at all parts of his life; starting with light bulbs.

His daughter says; “1 house down, 8 billion houses to go”

Matthew Nordan visits; states that energy storage is the key.

California ISO – Independent System Operation

One of 5 US Entities to make sure these grids run well; 24x7x365

James reaches out to one of the CA ISO Board Members

The Board member has an eclectic background, even related to Chernobyl accident.

“If we were able to capture the solar that hits the earth for 2 min; we could power the globe for a year; including everyone who doesn’t yet have power”

Oh No.  Politics!! – A reduction in Net Metering Rate gets people fired up; as it should.

Visits with SunRun; being put out of business by legislation to protect the NV monopoly.

Jump forward 18 months.

New Legislation being introduced in NV; pro clean energy bills, 180 degree shift in thinking.

Brings back net metering and roof top solar industry.

Voted ALL three bills; the ‘triple crown’ of energy bills in 2017.

James speaks with James Brooks, Nevada State Assembly.

Kudos to the Nevada political leaders; great story.