Our Team

Our team goes beyond those that work at Net+.  We are thankful for the contributions of many in the community, thinking and becoming Net+.

Jon Tempest

NetPositive Consultant

Jonny Lee Tempest is an inventor, investor, retired Cirque Du Soleil Audio Engineer, certified Entertainment Electrician (ETCP-CEE) and member of MENSA. He is EPA Green Certified.

He is a passionate inventor with a passion for technology, power and efficiency launching a grand experiment in 2015 to live energy "Net+Positive," while exponentially improving his family's standard of living.

To reach this, Jonny designed and built a higher efficiency solar PV array, capable of powering everything without needing to conserve energy, then created a vastly superior air conditioning and heat pump system to keep any home at any temperature they desire. Taking the next step, he designed and created the systems to convert a 6,000 square foot estate on 5 acres in Colorado to 100% solar power including: all electricity, heating and air conditioning, all transportation, cars, tractor, mowing and snowplowing equipment.
For fun, and to demonstrate that anything can be NetPositive, he designed and built the worlds fastest pure solar electric waterski boat, goes 54 miles an hour and pulls a waterskier instantaneously with unmatched torque and silence.

The results have been nothing short of inspiring. The solar PV system designed costs 1/4 of that of conventional systems, yet has a 30% higher output., the heating and air-conditioning system operates up to 875% efficiency, cooling the entire home on a 95° day with just 8 solar panels. (2,400 Watts)

For the last year, Jonny and his family are living Net+Positive, making more electricity than they use in all aspects of their life, using just 4% of the suns energy that hits their house.

Jonny created a YouTube channel to share his progress with the world. He has a half million views per year and growing. Click the Icon below to watch N+ Videos.

What We Believe

Net+ is committed to the advancement of clean energy. The human race is at the tipping point where solar energy is actually more economical than fossil fuels. The reality of economics meeting long term environmental benefits is truly changing the world.

Abundant, cheap, clean energy is such a profound change to the old-world model of scarce fossil fuels, that this new way of life is fundamentally changing our way of thinking, we hope it will inspire you too.